How To Travel Light

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, the most important question is "do you want to travel light?" The biggest mistake that travelers make is over packing. Traveling light will result in relaxed, easy and stress-free travel experience. The loss of losing your baggage is also comparatively less. If you travel light you can easily carry your luggage with you wherever you go rather than hiring porters. Less stuff means greater mobility, which gives you more travel options. Bottom line, traveling light is simply a better, more hassle-free way to go.

When you start packing prepare a packing list. It is no doubt a challenge to fit in everything therefore you need to be careful what is essential to pack and what you can purchase in the country you travel. But there are several things you can do to maximize your space, so you have fewer hard decisions to make!

Pack your things in a light backpack or a cabin luggage. Pack just a few clothes with only a couple of complimentary, solid colors no patterns. Black is a good idea if you need to be able to dress up and be casual. You should select clothing which can be mixed and matched: colors which coordinate and layers which can be varied for look and comfort. Pack wrinkle-resistant or wrinkle-proof clothing so you don't have to iron. If you plan on washing your clothes, then you want your clothing to be made from a fast drying fabric such as washable silk or one of the modern micro-fibers, or high quality nylon.

Bring along a small, foldable umbrella to protect against the UV rays of sunlight and possible rain. The best shoes to bring will depend on the local conditions and weather. In cold countries, insulated boots are wonderful. In hot climates sandals are great. You should always bring one pair of shoes that you would be comfortable wearing for a whole day. If you're staying in hotels, there's no need to take towels. Most toiletries can be found easily in your destination country so there is no need to carry them with you.

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